New to Coaching?

Not sure what to expect?

New to Coaching?

Not sure what to expect?

Think of your coach as a by your side training partner for your working life, career or business – objective, non-judgmental, forward focused & committed to your success.

A good coach is both a skilled listener & observer, trained in a broad range of tools & techniques designed to help you grow & improve.

Everyone likes to have a plan and feel achievement, right?

Working on your personal development is like working on your abs – YOU have to put the work in to see results but as your coach, I can challenge and guide you to think, feel or do things in different ways. It’s a partnership, and the successful ones are based on mutual respect, and on clients open & prepared to be pushed beyond a comfort zone if necessary, and who are committed to putting in the effort.

A coach is NOT a therapist or a counsellor – these are clinically qualified professionals trained to treat specific areas of mental illness.


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Usually based on a hierarchical relationship based on giving advice & direction.
e.g you might work with one or more senior figures in your organisation and industry to help you navigate your career or specific obstacles

Mentoring relationships often last years or whole careers & are not usually a paid for service


Based on an equal partnership between 2 individuals.  The Coach is there to challenge, support & encourage you to explore options to optimise your performance, tackle a specific challenge or frustration, get you out of a rut or embed new habits. Chances are you already know the answer, you just need your thinking stretched.

Coaching relationships usually last anywhere from 3-4 sessions or a few months as you work through a challenge or transition & are a paid for service.


A clinically trained mental health professional works with you in a controlled setting or environment, usually on a mid-long term basis.

I work with my clients in a range of ways along the mentor/coach spectrum as they require & suits their needs & style.

I have broad industry sector & organisation type experience which gives me a strong ability to empathise with both the entrepreneurial start up community & the more corporate sector.  Whether you’re climbing the corporate ladder, grappling with the career jungle gym or growing your start-up, I’ve got the experience to match your needs.