March 5, 2021

Reviews, Bonuses & Beyond – What Next?

What Next Coaching Performance Reviews

It’s that time of year for many… 360 annual performance reviews completed, bonuses hoped for and anticipated, even with the best managed expectations after the crazy 2020 rollercoaster for most.

It’s a time that always brings up questions, often less about the purely financial, but more around whether we feel valued for our efforts and contributions. For some, that will be a resounding yes, for others a clear no, action required, and a heap of mixed feelings / not sure’s in the middle.

Bonuses should be just that… a bonus, not something you bet the shirt off your back on, but most of us have some sort of plan if fair £££ winds are blowing our way.

But if the winds aren’t blowing in the way we’d hoped, regardless of the very rational commercial facts that might dictate the outcome, it’s usually a very emotional response that needles into our thinking.

Disappointment, dis-illusion, frustration, anger.

Not necessarily fun to experience, but it’s important to step back and consider what our reactions are telling us. To pause to reflect and explore the underlying drivers so you can approach the What Next plan of attack, be it a walk to let off steam, an honest conversation with your boss, a review of your next quarter goals and action plan, or the decision to start an external jobhunt.

I am a great fan of the beautifully simple work of Liz & Mollie, but lacking their talent for drawing, I shall just share with you a thought starter that is a healthy reminder, albeit personally I’d add some more chunks to the pie to acknowledge the broader context our work sits in.

Yes, a bonus is always great, but it’s not the only proof point of you being a great human, it’s just one indicator, linked to a lot of things outside your control, in one area of your life.

If you think you’d benefit from an external sounding board to process your career thinking and help you define and support you to reach your goals, reach out. You might find coaching can get you where you want to be faster.

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